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San Isidro el General provides the same amenities and services as a small North American city.

  • Police Services
  • Hospitals
  • Emergency Clinics
  • Fire Department
  • Dental Chiropractors
  • Churches


The South Pacific town of San Isidro de El General has all the amenities of any North American city and has the spirit of a small rural town.

Central Market: Open daily and located at the bus station, this market offers fresh local fruit and vegetables, seafood, meats, bakeries, flower shops, leather shops etc. There are also great places to stop and eat while you take in the sights and sounds of the market.

Farmers Market: Open Wednesday evenings and Thursday days, the farmers market is located a few blocks south of the central market. The local producers bring in fresh fruit, vegetables, cheeses, flowers (the potted orchids are beautiful), hand-made trinkets and more. Be sure to bring a big bag with you!

Retail Stores: Shoes, shoes, shoes…you will never run out of places to buy shoes in this country and San Isidro is no exception. The vibrant plaza area offers every type of retail store imaginable. Clothes, hardware, appliances, paint, bargain stores….the list goes on. There is also the Maxi Bodega (Costa Rican Walmart). It is highly recommended that you walk the streets and discover all the little specialty stores.

Artisans: Local artists have set up shop all along the roadways. You will find everything from purses made from coconuts, sand carvings, hammocks, wooden bowls, native wood furniture, pottery, paintings, wind chimes and much much more. We try to buy all our souvenirs and house décor items from these extremely talented and creative people. We stop to see Richardo and his family who have set up shop on the road to Dominical, at least once every trip.

Dining Out: There are many wonderful places to eat in San Isidro el General. There is a fantastic Peruvian restraint (Freddy’s) that offers a phenomenal filet mignon dinner for about $7. You can even get great Chinese food here too! However, if you haven’t quite mastered Spanish we highly recommend Casa la Café and Bazookas. Both have menu items written in English. The food and service is wonderful at both places. For those less adventurous, yes… San Isidro has a McDonalds.

This page contains information on the Costa Rica South Pacific town of San Isidro de El General.